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For Over 40 Years...
This year GLNX is celebrating 40 years of service. Since 1975, GLNX has provided value-added services to blue chip companies operating throughout North America.

We serve customers of all sizes; from Fortune 500 companies to medium and smaller-sized companies that transport a wide variety of products used in the oil and petrochemical, food, plastics and agricultural businesses.

For over 40 years, GLNX has developed and maintained strong relationships with a national network of qualified railcar repair facilities, car builders, parts vendors, railroads, AAR and FRA. GLNX is a member of the Railway Progress Institute and the North American Freight Car Association and is actively involved in the rule-making process through AAR committees.

GLNX is able to offer more personalized service due to our size, our experience, the quality of our staff, and our commitment to fundamental values of integrity and quality customer service.
GLNX Fleet Services Division
Through our GLNX Fleet Services division, we provide fleet administration, logistical supply-chain management, regulatory compliance (HM201, Rule 88, etc…), insurance, mileage, accounting, ad valorem tax reporting and managed maintenance.

GLNX offers true, third-party independence from other fleet management companies that also offer repair services or new car construction.
Full Service Leasing
GLNX offers full service operating leases for rail cars in general service. For a monthly rate, GLNX will provide cars compliant with customer requests and all applicable AAR and FRA requirements. GLNX processes mileage from the railroads and provides assistance when cars require shopping.

With a full service lease, the shipper is free to focus on their primary business of producing and moving product while leaving all of the issues of ownership to us.
Web Management Tools
As long as the internet has been an available source of data exchange for business, GLNX has been developing tools to take full advantage of the benefits of web-based-business. Over the years we have developed a state-of-the-art, web-based fleet management system to assist companies with all aspects of fleet management and transportation.

Our web services include a suite of sophisticated tracking and tracing programs, statistically-based trip analysis reports and fleet utilization reports. The system also keeps track of car mechanical information, leasing and sub-leasing data, shopping information, mileage data and historical repair data.

We designed the system to be flexible, quick and secure. System improvement is ongoing and updates are made on a frequent basis.